Nevada Info Sessions

Meet your Regional Coordinator at this live, virtual event! This info session is about spreading awareness, and connecting members to resources! Have you wondered about The Education Fund and the benefits we offer?

We are hosting Zoom meetings at the following times. Just choose which session works best with your schedule:

Time: Jun 9, 2020, 10:30 AM
Meeting ID: 973 4649 3087

Time: Jun 9, 2020, 6:00 PM
Meeting ID: 944 1576 5507

Time: Jun 23, 2020 10:30 AM
Meeting ID: 970 3169 6904

Time: Jun 23, 2020 6:00 PM
Meeting ID: 959 4384 9134

Click on the link for the Zoom meeting that is most convenient for you.

How to use Zoom

If you have not used Zoom before, it’s easy! And, it’s free. The only thing you have to do is download/install the Zoom app sometime before joining a Zoom meeting on your computer or mobile device. Give yourself plenty of time to do it, so you’ll be comfortable when the real meeting starts. You can download the free Zoom app at

How to use Zoom on your computer:

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  4. Open the Zoom invitation that you received
  5. Click on the “join meeting” link
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  7. Dial one of the telephone numbers listed, enter the meeting id number, followed by the participant id number
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How to use Zoom on your phone:

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Education Fund a partner in new California online college

The Education Fund is partnering with California Community Colleges to develop the first credential pathway for Governor Brown’s proposed online college. This project will help our California members achieve career advancement and wage gain in the field of medical coding. This pathway will serve working adults who want additional skills but haven’t been able to access higher education.

“The new online college will allow us to create and deliver an affordable and accessible high-quality education that is ideally suited to our working learners,” said Education Fund Executive Director Rebecca Hanson.

The announcement was widely covered in local and regional media including California Economy Reporting, KRON (Independent TV – San Francisco), and EdSource. Read the full press release from California Community Colleges.


KAISER PERMANENTE I had wanted to go back to school for a while, but it had been 7 years since I graduated and I was scared. Between fear and excuses, I was impeding myself from moving forward in my career. After taking several Skills Builders classes, including CPR, Study Skills, and Medical Terminology, I began to believe I could do well in college. Now I’m enrolled in the STEP program to help me get my A.A. in Science. The Education Fund is paying for my books, tuition, and fees. When I was struggling with English, the Education Fund provided me with tutoring. A month ago I told my counselor that I sprained my ankle, and she helped me apply to a program at the college that helps me get to my classes on time. All of the support and help makes me feel like I can’t fail. I have a 4.0 this semester, and I would not have been able to do it without the Education Fund. I’m a father, I’m working 40 hours a week, I’m a full-time student, and I’m feeling great. My next dream is that I want to pursue my Bachelor’s in Health and enroll in the KP School of Allied Health Science’s Radiography Program. With the financial, emotional, and academic support that the Education Fund offers, I’d be a fool not to take advantage of it and pursue my dream.


KAISER PERMANENTE, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA I’ve come full circle in my life. I was born in the Kaiser facility where I now work. I began working at Kaiser Permanente as a housekeeping attendant in 2009 the same year my father went through open-heart surgery. I met an Education Fund counselor who encouraged me to start taking classes. I hadn’t been in school for 7 years so I was nervous, but I wanted to take a chance. My counselor suggested I take one class at first to build my study skills and confidence. I chose a Medical Terminology course because during my father’s surgery I couldn’t understand everything the doctors were saying. I did well in that class, so when I heard about the green certification course I signed up. We learned about sustainable practices and did research. As part of this program, we reduced waste and saved Kaiser an estimated $18,000. My life has really changed by participating in Education Fund programs. After completing my certification, I became a trainer. I never thought I had it in me to teach a group of EVS workers about green practices. Now people are asking my advice and really taking to heart what I teach them. It’s very gratifying. My next step is to get certified as bilingual. After that I am thinking about going back to school and pursuing a career a Radiologic Technologist.



I have been a CNA at All Saints Sub Acute and Rehab Center for 10 years. I learned about the Education Fund benefit when we were renegotiating our bargaining agreement and they wanted to take it out. We didn’t want this benefit removed, so we began to take classes.

Since 2012 I have taken as many classes as I could, including computers, CPR, Medical Terminology, and Spanish. Spanish really helped me with my job because we have patients who aren’t comfortable communicating in English. A fellow employee was studying Hemodialysis and I grew interested in that program. I wanted to use the Education Fund for additional training, and that’s when I found out about the Advance Your Career Program. I was worried that I might not be qualified, but my counselor, Monica, encouraged me and helped me apply. I was approved and they paid for my schooling, books, and the exam. I recently passed my certification exam and am applying for employment. I’m hoping to find some parttime work that can supplement my income, so I can stay at All Saints.

Now I’m encouraging my co-workers to do what I did, to go to school and take advantage of their benefit. Participating in Education Fund programs means you can explore, you can advance, and you can expand your opportunities.