The Education Fund has developed a Member to Member (M2M) program that is designed for members to help promote and recruit their co-workers to utilize the Fund as they develop vital leadership skills.

What is Member2Member

The Member2Member (M2M) program is a leadership program for people who want to make education for the workforce their mission, while increasing member ownership, fund utilization and greater program awareness. As a M2M, you can play an integral role in helping your coworkers take advantage of benefits available to them through the Ed Fund. M2Ms find out first about the newest educational benefits provided by the Ed Fund and how these benefits can help members further their careers.

Meet Member2Member Fay Eastman

Co-workers at the Kaiser Oakland Medical Center call Fay Eastman, “The Ed Fund Lady.” In addition to using Education Fund resources to enrich her own work life, Fay talks up the Ed Fund with her co-workers every chance she gets in her role as a Member2Member. “I’m a big believer in education. I have big plans and the Ed Fund is there to help us all do what we want to do.”

Eastman is a Certified Nursing Assistant who has been at Kaiser for nine years. Her powers of persuasion recently convinced a co-worker who is getting close to retirement she could benefit taking a computer skills course the fund offers. Her colleague later told her she was really glad she did as it helped her complete required charting more quickly and freed her to spend more time delivering care to patients.

And if she hears someone complain about their job, Eastman tells them they’re not stuck, the Ed Fund is there to help those looking to make a career change. “If someone thinks they might be happier doing something else, they just have to decide to do it,” she said. “The Ed Fund helps make it possible.”


  • Promote the Education Fund on paid time (minimum 1 shift per month.)
  • Meet more of your coworkers.
  • Get the latest info on new courses.
  • Special M2M swag!
  • Help coworkers advance their careers.


M2Ms accomplish their goals by working with Ed Fund staff to participate in various activities, including:

  • Disseminate flyers in their facility
  • Present updates at steward council meeting
  • Coordinate department meetings and meet with a dept. manager
  • Recruitment for Career Pathways
  • Further recruitment of M2Ms
  • Monthly M2M leadership call

M2Ms can also help let the Education Fund know if they’re hearing of a particular education need within their facility to make sure these needs are addressed.

How does it work?

Participants in the Member2Member program will work with the Education Fund staff members called Business Development Specialists to create priorities for their region or facility. M2M work can be done on “Lost Time” and M2Ms are given Wage Replacement opportunities for missing work, if unable to receive “Lost Time” from their employer. M2Ms can work before or after work and receive wage replacement, or work can be done voluntarily if M2M desires.

Interested? Find out more

If you’re interested in becoming a Member2Member, please fill out our M2M interest form, or use the button below.

You can also view or download a flyer about the M2M program. Thank you for your interest!