Online Education Preparation

So much is online now – from keeping in contact with our friends, to being prepared for our careers. That trend was already happening, but the past year really pushed it forward.

The Education Fund offers a variety of options for getting an education online, such as tuition support, career pathways and continuing education. Remote learning gives students the flexibility to take classes at any time and place that works for them. But for people who don’t have access to a computer or internet connection, or don’t really know how to use some of the most common computer tools and apps, opportunities are limited.

Don’t worry. The Education Fund offers a variety of classes to get you started and support your online learning skills and digital fluency:

  • Developing Basic Computer Skills: Navigating the Technological World
  • Microsoft Office Classes – Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
  • Chromebook and MiFi (mobile hotspot) lending program
  • Introduction to Online Learning

See below for more information or make an appointment with one of our counselors by calling (888) 872-4606. They can answer all your questions about our classes and provide support with getting started.

Take your First Steps to more career options

If you’re thinking about a new job, but haven’t decided what you want to do, we’ve got a special program for you. Now available to all eligible members throughout California, First Steps provides free basic prep courses to add new skills, a loaner laptop if you need one, and you can even qualify for a cash card up to $500! 

Developing Basic Computer Skills: Navigating the Technological World

Developing Basic Computer Skills: Navigating the Technological World course covers essential computer skills for anyone struggling with technology in the workplace or anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of using a computer. Participants will learn:

  • How to operate and use basic functions of a Windows computer or Chromebook laptop
  • How to navigate the internet using the Chrome browser
  • How to use an email account using Gmail
  • How basic computer skills can increase employees’ marketability with employers

This 3 hour course is offered twice monthly. 

Kickstart to Microsoft Suite offers monthly, 1 hour clinics cover the basics of Microsoft Suite, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office

Through our education partner Learnit, the Education Fund offers Microsoft Office courses at no cost. Members may register for up to five (5) classes per year.

Topics include:

  • Microsoft Word – All levels
  • Microsoft Excel – All levels
  • Microsoft Outlook – All levels
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – All levels
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams

How to access courses on Learnit:

For full instructions on how to create an account, click here. 

For our Telehealth Basics course, visit the Critical Skills page. For Pandemic Readiness and related toolkits, please see the COVID-19 Classes and Resources page.

Laptop & MiFi Lending Program

As part of our efforts to promote digital equity and access to technology, the Education Fund is excited to offer a new Laptop and MiFi Lending Program. If you’re actively enrolled in an online or hybrid format Education Fund program, you are eligible for the use of a Chromebook for up to the three years at no cost to you! Learn more about the program via the link below:

Introduction to Online Learning

The Introduction to Online Learning course is a self-paced, non-credit online resource to support any learner planning to move into a virtual learning environment. This course guides learners through four modules on various lesson topics, including:

  • Advantages and challenges of online learning
  • Using technology
  • Developing effective study habits

Learners who complete this course will receive a digital badge from Credly.