I have been a CNA at All Saints Sub Acute and Rehab Center for 10 years. I learned about the Education Fund benefit when we were renegotiating our bargaining agreement and they wanted to take it out. We didn’t want this benefit removed, so we began to take classes.

Since 2012 I have taken as many classes as I could, including computers, CPR, Medical Terminology, and Spanish. Spanish really helped me with my job because we have patients who aren’t comfortable communicating in English. A fellow employee was studying Hemodialysis and I grew interested in that program. I wanted to use the Education Fund for additional training, and that’s when I found out about the Advance Your Career Program. I was worried that I might not be qualified, but my counselor, Monica, encouraged me and helped me apply. I was approved and they paid for my schooling, books, and the exam. I recently passed my certification exam and am applying for employment. I’m hoping to find some parttime work that can supplement my income, so I can stay at All Saints.

Now I’m encouraging my co-workers to do what I did, to go to school and take advantage of their benefit. Participating in Education Fund programs means you can explore, you can advance, and you can expand your opportunities.