The Education Fund

and Futuro Health

As a member of SEIU-UHW, you have access to an incredible resource: the Education Fund. UHW members have worked with their employers to grow the Education Fund to $28 million annually that is committed to their training and education. Every year, the Education Fund supports 16,000 members to increase their skills and realize their dreams through our comprehensive services. Education Fund graduates who move into higher level roles have an average hourly wage increase of 36%.

At the Education Fund, you have access to career planning, pre-paid community college courses, tuition for degree and certification programs, on-line and in-person continuing education (CEs), language and computer classes, and much more. Plus, members also have access to the same programs as Futuro Health

Futuro Health

Futuro Health is a new organization created through the 2019 contract negotiations between SEIU-UHW and Kaiser Permanente. Through Futuro Health, UHW members in good standing can refer friends and family to apply for high-quality online job training programs. Successful graduates will have a chance to be placed in good healthcare jobs and become SEIU-UHW union members.

If you are interested in learning more about Futuro Health, including potentially referring a family member or someone in your community, visit Futuro Health’s website.