Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP)

Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP) is a national partnership of healthcare training and education funds with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the affiliated employers. Participating training funds total more than $160 million in employer-committed resources. As part of H-CAP, we participate in a valuable community of practice with similar training funds, employers and union partners, and joint fundraising for federal and foundation dollars. Through this partnership we also are part of the National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships (NCHA) which accounts for more than one third of all healthcare apprentices nationally.

Futuro Health

In order for a new start up non-profit organization called Futuro Health to receive an initial commitment of $30 million from Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit, SWEC Board members agreed on December 2019 to serve as its fiscal sponsor. Once Futuro Health receives its own 501(c)3 determination, anticipated within 2020, SWEC will cease to serve as fiscal sponsor. Futuro has set up its own operations and has its own employees. The Education Fund and SWEC are partnered with Futuro Health in shared career pathways programs and COVID-19 trainings, and the Education Fund also continues to offer its broader set of existing education programs and career services.