Job-To-Job Program

The SEIU-UHW Education Fund has the tools and support to guide members and employers through a reduction in force (RIF) transition. Through our Job-to-Job program, we provide customized, confidential, and convenient on-site services and resources to support management and help eligible RIF members transition to new careers!

Job-To-Job Notification

The Ed Fund should be notified of an upcoming RIF: The Ed Fund Career Counselors will facilitate a group orientation for RIF members to provide information, comprehensive resources, referrals to assist in their job search, and available training programs.

Job-To-Job Eligibility

Who is eligible?

  • Full and part-time benefitted members that have completed probation, with lay-off or redeployment documentation from their employer.
  • The rebidding/bumping process must be complete BEFORE training commences.
  • Members must enroll in the Job-to-Job program within 60 days of notification of lay-off.
  • Members who accept a severance package may no longer be eligible for Job-to-Job Benefits. Please discuss with an Ed Fund Career Counselor.

Who is not eligible?

  • Non-benefitted members
  • Currently on unpaid leave. (Administrative, Disability, Maternity, etc.)
  • Members who obtain a new position that is permanent AND benefitted, AND the base wage is: equal to or greater than previous salary OR if new position pays less than previous position wage/ salary, it cannot be less than 5% of previous wage/salary.

Job-To-Job Training Options

All members MUST apply for the Job-to-Job Program online (application link below) AND have an approved Individual Training Plan with an Ed Fund Career Counselor, BEFORE training commences.

Eligible RIF members can receive financial support for short-term and in-demand training programs. Types of financial support available:

OPTION 1: The member may be reimbursed for attending an accredited training program. Up to 500 hours may be reimbursed and these payments may affect Unemployment Benefits


OPTION 2: The member may be reimbursed (up to $5000) for tuition, books, and fees for an accredited training program.

The Education Fund may offer customized training to a group of RIF members. These short-term classes can assist those with the skills and training needed to obtain a new position/classification.

If you are an affected employee:

For additional assistance please contact: 888.872.4606 (Toll Free)