STEP Accelerated Online Program

The STEP Accelerated Online Program offers 8-week, fast-paced, 100% online, general education classes and pre-requisite classes through Coastline Community College Extended Learning Division. The STEP Accelerated Online Program can help you earn a certificate or degree in an accelerated fashion to finish faster and be a successful student!

Courses / Certificates / Degrees Available:

  1. Prerequisites
  2. General Education Classes
  3. Human Services Certificate / Degree
  4. More to come!

The STEP Accelerated Online Program includes:

  1. Tuition cost of approved courses (up to 2 courses per year).
  2. Required e-books for approved courses.
  3. Academic and career counseling support from an Education Fund Career Counselor.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Work in a bargaining unit position for which an Employer has agreed to make contributions to the Fund;
  2. Have completed your probationary period; and
  3. Be a regular benefited full-time or part-time employee. In addition, on-call or per diem employees working, at minimum, 2 shifts per month over the most recent 6 month period.

Please Note: If you are an on-call or per diem applicant, you MUST submit documentation to verify that you have worked a minimum of two (2) shifts per month for the last six (6) months. Please be prepared with the required documents when applying.

Accelerated Application Process

  1. Apply Online & upload an Official Academic Plan from Coastline College if you have one.
  2. Receive “Provisional Acceptance Email” within 10 days of applying.
  3. Watch Online Orientation & Complete Student Guidelines.
  4. Apply for Coastline College Extended Learning Division Receive “Final Acceptance Email” from Coastline College.
  5. Request an Official Academic Plan from Coastline College if you did not already submit one.

What is an Official Academic Plan?

An Official Academic Plan is created by a college adviser and outlines a suggested course of study for the individual student based on major, transfer plans and sequence of courses.

How do I get an Official Academic Plan from Coastline College? There are 3 steps:

  1. Enroll in a GE Course required for your certificate or degree at Coastline College.
  2. Submit official college transcripts from every college attended to Coastline College, if applicable.
  3. Complete the online Academic Plan Request Form HERE.

Why do I need an Official Academic Plan to apply?
We want to make sure that you are getting the best value from these online GE courses. We want to make sure you are taking the classes you need and are on the right path.

Apply Now

If you meet all the requirements listed above you can apply online now: