The Education Fund created these videos to highlight the accomplishments of our members and describe our programs and services. We went on the road to interview real members about their experiences using their Education Fund benefits to further their careers and reach their goals. We hope these stories encourage members to go after their goals and take advantage of their Ed Fund benefits!

25 Years of the Shirley Ware Education Center: Legacy of a Powerhouse

For 25 years and counting, the Shirley Ware Education Center (SWEC) has been a beacon of learning and empowerment, enriching countless lives and communities through education. Named after Shirley Ware, a powerhouse union leader, SWEC is a testament to her unwavering dedication to education and labor rights. This special video honors Shirley Ware and commemorates the anniversary of the Shirley Ware Education Center. The video also describes how SWEC planted the seeds for what would become the SEIU-UHW & Joint Employer Education Fund. SWEC continues its vital work to this day as a nonprofit organization alongside the Education Fund. Join us as we reflect on Shirley Ware’s remarkable legacy and celebrate the transformative impact of education on individuals and communities alike.


Together, A Brighter Tomorrow


When It comes to quality healthcare, everyone benefits when management and labor work together.

Patient care improves when healthcare staff have access to training, resources, and career advancement opportunities. Lourdes Casao (Director of Education, CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Los Angeles and Education Fund Board of Trustee) discusses partnering with the Education Fund and the resulting positive impact on staff morale and high-quality patient care. Selene Castillo (Dignity Health, St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach, CA) and Lisa Agbagwu (Kaiser Permanente, Hollywood Romaine, Los Angeles, CA) describe their firsthand experience using Ed Fund benefits and the significance to their careers.


Supporting Quality Care

Healthcare workers face difficult and demanding work, and this has been true more than ever during the challenges of recent years. But eligible members of the Education Fund like Elizabeth Stefano (Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco, CA), Shaquandway ‘Shaq’ Nelson-Brumfield (Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, CA) and Diamound Burns (Dignity Health San Martin, NV) have embraced these challenges and made the best of it by utilizing opportunities for training, tuition assistance, and more through our union-employer partnership.


The Education Fund Difference

Jaclyn Qua (Kaiser Permanente, Portland, OR) and Tannya De Los Santos (Santa Rosa Community Health, Santa Rosa, CA) were able to advance in their careers through education and training opportunities provided through The Education Fund.

Out-of-control student debt keeps too many healthcare workers from accessing new opportunities and saving for the future. But through the Education Fund, eligible members can receive certification and job training with no out-of-pocket costs. Through union/employer partnerships with the Education Fund, and with the support of their employers (such as Tamara Stafford, Director of Talent Development and EWHS at El Camino Hospital), members can pursue career advancement, learn new skills, receive career advice and more.


Your Future is Now

This video features Claudia Narciso-Hernandez (Medical Assistant, Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, Portland, OR) and Randy Tsuboi (CNA, El Camino Health, Mountain View, CA) who were both excited to take advantage of educational opportunities made possible by the Education Fund through our partnership with their local unions and employers.

Certifications, degrees, and job trainings they wouldn’t have been able to access before became possible at no cost to them through the Ed Fund’s tuition assistance, career advice, and other programs and services.


MyEdFund Video Orientation

This introductory video about MyEdFund provides a walk-through of the registration process and helps you get started.


Sally’s Story

The story of member Sally Rozenblad’s participation in the joint Education Fund, UHW and Kaiser Permanente Ambulatory Coder apprenticeship program in Northern California.