Overview Of Programs & Training

Skills Development

Enhance your effectiveness in your current position or develop new skills to move up the career ladder. We offer hundreds of courses online and in-person to support you in achieving your professional goals. We offer ways to earn your CEUs, healthcare career basics, license and certification trainings, computer skills, language learning, and much more. Learn more.

STEP (Success Through Educational Preparation)

STEP supports you through prerequisite classes at local community colleges to prepare you for entry into allied health or nursing training  programs. STEP classes include ESL, English, math, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, as well as psychology and medical  terminology. Education Fund counselors will support you throughout the semester and tutoring is available for many subjects. Learn more.

Advance Your Career (AYC)

The Advance Your Career (AYC) program provides support to people training for new careers. Learn more.


Periodically we offer advancement programs based on employer needs and designed to help employees move into high-demand, hard-to-fill positions, or to attain certification in their current occupation. Specialty credential review courses may be offered when needed. We are also offering a wide range of short-term certification classes, including ACLS, PALS, NRP, PEARS, STABLE, EKG, and IV Certification. Learn more.

Stipend Program

A stipend is replacement income paid directly from the Education Fund to eligible Kaiser Permanente employees for class work, clinicals, or study time. Learn more about the Stipend program. Non-Kaiser Permanente employees can look into the AYC program.