Medical Assistant

Kaiser Permanente, Skyline Medical Center

Kristy Spencer is currently a Medical Assistant at Kaiser Permanente Skyline with dreams of moving up in her healthcare career. After she completed her prerequisite courses with the help of the Education Fund’s College Courses program, she heard about the Health Information Management (HIM) program available through Portland Community College and jumped at the chance.

Thanks to the HIM program being offered fully online, she was able to continue going to work and raising her family without disrupting her life too much. The Education Fund’s Wage Replacement program also helped her reduce her work week to 32 hours while maintaining her income. Kristy received constant encouragement and support from the Education Fund throughout her educational journey, including advice on time management and tutoring services if she needed them. Kristy says, “without the support of the Education Fund I would not be where I am today!”

Due to her hard work, dedication, and the support of the Education Fund, Kristy graduated from the HIM program with her Associates Degree. She encourages other members to “check out the Education Fund’s website to see what programs are available and get started! Their team is there to support you along the way and help you complete your goals. I went back to school with a husband, four kids and two dogs – if I can do it, anyone can!”