Emergency Room Unit Assistant

Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek Medical Center

When Janet Cordova experienced an injury that prevented her from performing her role as an Emergency Room Technician with Kaiser Permanente, she had to quickly figure out her next move. Thanks to the Education Fund’s career resources, she was able to train for the role she performs today, as a Unit Assistant still working in the Emergency Room. Accessing Education Fund resources helped Janet transfer units and complete her AA degree by completing coursework in person and online. She also completed Online Education Preparation courses to advance her skills using required word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software applications. In addition, Janet used the Ed Fund’s Reimbursement Program to maintain her Basic Life Support (BLS) and pediatric emergency response (PEARS) certifications.

Janet describes her job at the Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek Medical Center as the “stopwatch” for the ward. As patients arrive for critical care, Janet delegates tasks and performs required functions that include completing necessary legal forms, and arranging for appropriate transportation should patients require acute care at a different facility. For instance, a patient suffering a traumatic brain injury might need to be air-lifted to KP’s neurosurgery Center of Excellence in Redwood City.

In the future, she plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, leveraging the Ed Fund’s Wage Replacement program so she can reduce her work hours while pursuing her degree. “I took the time to learn everything the Ed Fund offers,” Cordova said. “It’s there for us to use. Why wouldn’t we?”