Our SEIU-UHW Education Fund, Our Benefit

The SEIU-UHW Education Fund is our benefit. We created it in Partnership with Kaiser in 2006 to help us advance to better jobs, get the Education we always wanted and to give us the skills and career advice to keep up-to-date in our jobs at KP.

Over 10,000 SEIU members in KP are now using the Fund every single year and we have plans to double that! Our Fund is growing because there’s nothing else quite like it out there. We have it all – from intro to computers classes all the way to college degrees. And all of it assembled specifically with the SEIU Union member in mind.

Want to get started using the SEIU-UHW Education Fund? Contact us for career advice and start your journey towards a better future. Take your first online courses, or browse upcoming in-person classes in your area on our website’s skills development section.

And remember, all of our services are at no cost to you. As a part of our contract with Kaiser, the SEIU-UHW Education Fund is paid for through contributions we negotiated with KP.

Plan your future today by exploring our Career Advice pages, Skills Development courses, and Career Advancement opportunities.

“The Ed Fund pays for you to go back to school. It’s a great opportunity!”

– Carolina Galarza-Rabi, Kaiser Antioch

“With the Ed Fund, you’ll get what you need to keep what you have. We are here to help you get as far as you want to go.”

– Fay Eastman, Kaiser Oakland