Members of The Education Fund’s staff recently traveled to Portland to connect with our partners from InsideTrack. The Education Fund began working with InsideTrack in 2019 to provide success coaching to support the career advice team. The initial partnership went so well that it soon evolved to working with InsideTrack on a few different areas including coaching, consulting, organizational development and department training.

From left to right: Josh TenHaken-Riedel (InsideTrack), Shawn Walker Hardeman, Rachel Lupole, Deanna Hatter, Angelynn Avé, Mabel Meza, Charmaine Chong, Ann Werbach (InsideTrack), Phoenix Lockett

The Education Fund is intentional with our outreach and recruitment efforts to make sure eligible union members know what we have to offer, and to learn how to best support members’ career and education goals. The Education Fund team believes the healthcare workforce should be just as diverse as the communities it serves, and our programs and services are available to all who are eligible.

Due to InsideTrack’s ability to collect and report on participant progress and outcomes, the Education Fund has learned a few key best practices that ensure we are able to tell the story of the organization’s impact and success. With this partnership, the Education Fund has been able to offer crisis support to all participants, which has been extremely valuable during the pandemic. We have also worked diligently to move our career counselors to the front-end of services to fully support learners to understand how the Ed Fund’s programs and services can support their career and educational goals.

This is just the beginning of an amazing partnership that will continue to grow and provide valuable knowledge and support to all eligible members.