Health & Wellness

It is important to be happy and healthy. Health and wellness is about living your best possible life. It refers to physical health, as well as mental and social well-being. It is the process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Maximize your level of health and wellness with the following online and in-person courses.


Self-improvement can have lasting, positive impact on our personal and professional lives. These quick trainings will help you improve your life by learning to manage stress, create work/life balance, establish self-confidence and persevere in challenging situations.

Available Courses:

  • Self-Improvement for Lifelong Success
  • Establishing Self-Confidence for Life
  • Taking Stock of Your Work/Life Balance
  • Staying Balanced in a Shifting World
  • Take a Deep Breath and Manage Your Stress
  • Managing Workplace Stress
  • Employee Exhaustion: Managing a Well-Balanced Workload
  • Persevering Through Setbacks
  • The Essentials of Anger Management

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In-Person Health & Wellness Courses In Colorado

The Education Fund has partnered with Colorado Free University to offer you the latest in cutting-edge healthcare classes and programs to help you be your best. The following courses are held in Colorado and free to members:

A New Perspective On How To Manage And Resolve Grief

Discover an effective coping strategy to manage your pain and the symptoms of grief. Explore how it is possible to cherish your memories, hold on to the meaning the lost one had for you, and still go forward into life in a more heart-centered and purposeful way.

The Upside Of Stress: Applying The Power Of Positive Psychology

Everyone experiences stress on a daily basis – it is a necessary, even desirable part of the human experience. In this class, explore groundbreaking research at the forefront of the positive psychology field. What you learn will be as dynamic as it is surprising. Come away with the strategies to change your mindset, and turn stress from noxious experience into an opportunity for more positive well-being.

Brain Food: Supercharge Your Mind, Boost Your Mood

Learn how nutrition affects the neurotransmitters in the brain and, as a result, your mood. Understand the role nutrition has on our mental state and how you can improve your brain health through diet. Find out how hormones, including sex hormones, interconnect to impact emotions. Get the tools to foster your own healing without the use of chemicals.

Become Your Own Best Friend: Daily Strategies For Living A Positive Life

Positive psychology is the study of what makes people flourish in all areas of life. This course delves into the science of positive psychology to give you practical strategies you can use each day to increase positive well-being on a short- and long-term basis.

Change Your Brain To Change Your Life: Neurosculpting For Beginners

Neuroplasticity refers to the way our brains continually change throughout our lives in response to the environment, life experiences, learning, meditation, and more. Join this class and learn the tools of Neurosculpting®, a modality of meditation and brain training that helps you rewrite old thinking patterns, heal from stress and trauma, lesson emotional reactivity, navigate life changes, and maximize your potential.

To Register:

View Colorado Free University’s online schedule and choose the session you want to attend.

Call CFU Admissions at (303) 399-0093 and let them know you are an employee being sponsored by the SEIU Education Fund and follow their registration process.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Available to CA Kaiser Permanente employees only.

In this 8-hour, in-person course you will:

  • Identify and understand the signs of mental illness and substance use disorders
  • Learn how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.*
  • Understand the prevalence of mental health disorders and the need for reduced stigma
  • Promote the protective factors that can impact an individual’s health and recovery
  • Apply a 5-step action plan to help an individual in crisis connect with appropriate evidence-based treatment and supports
  • Identify and access professional and community resources available to support individuals
  • This training is not designed for mental health clinicians with advanced training for individuals with mental illness (e.g. psychologists and licensed clinical social workers).

How To Register:

  1. Go to the registration page.
  2. Select your region in California to find a class near you.