Student Screening

Are you in a new training program or school and need to get a background check, fingerprinting, or drug testing before your first day of class? The Education Fund is partnering with CastleBranch, a secure background screening service, to offer Drug & Alcohol Testing, Fingerprinting and Background Screening required by your school or employer. This is a no-cost service to eligible Education Fund learners! All job classifications are eligible, provided you can demonstrate that you are using CastleBranch in relation to your current position or training/education needs. Education Fund eligible learners can select one of two packages at no cost!


Package One:

  • Background Screening
  • Drug Test

Package Two:

  • Background Screening
  • Drug Test
  • Fingerprinting


Locations are available throughout our regions. You will be able to select the most convenient location once you complete the online application and receive your PIN from CastleBranch.

Program status

We appreciate your interest in the Education Fund’s programs and services. We have received a tremendous response to our education and training programs and have reached our enrollment limit for many of our current programs. As a result, we are not accepting applications for this Education Fund program. (We may have limited availability for members in the Northwest, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico and we encourage you to login to MyEdFund to check availability.)

We anticipate a high level of interest and limited availability again in 2023, and we encourage you to create an individualized educational plan for 2023 with your Career Counselor/Regional Coordinator. You can make an appointment via MyEdFund, our secure, online member portal.