Critical Skills Webinar Series


The 2023 Critical Skills Webinar Series, in partnership with Learnit, will offer twelve (12) one-hour trainings on key topics that help learners develop relevant and timely critical skills for working in today’s healthcare setting. Participants will join a live virtual classroom session with Learnit’s expert instructors and will walk away with tangible tools that can be applied in their professional and personal lives.

To apply

To apply for this program, first log in or register for MyEdFund, our new, secure member portal. You can then sign up for the specific program by finding it in the “Available programs” link within MyEdFund. After completing that process, you will then visit the Learnit site and create an account there and sign up for the webinar(s) of your choice. For instructions on how to create a Learnit account, click here.

The previously scheduled April, May and June webinars have been cancelled. Check back for further information.

Full Course Descriptions

See full course descriptions below.

Manage Anxiety to Build a Positive Mindset

Did you know that science has shown you can rewire your brain to be more positive by thinking positively? Positive thinking helps prevent and control anxiety, even during the most worrying times. This training will uncover the power of a positive mindset and provide practical strategies for beginning your journey to a more positive you.

Find Calm in Chaos -- Relaxation and Movement Strategies for a Hectic Workday

Have you ever felt overwhelmed at work? The pressures, the deadlines, the endless to-do list? That tension and chaotic feeling can happen to all of us, and it’s a normal human reaction! It can be positive and alert us for long workdays on our feet or at the desk. But it becomes a problem when the pressures continue without any periods of relaxation or relief.

Participants will learn to be calm during a chaotic workday in this interactive training. This training will focus on relaxation, emotional well-being, and movement strategies that can be easily implemented into any busy day.

Avoid Burnout While Working Remotely

Who knew that burnout is an official medical phenomenon, recognized by the World Health Organization? It’s easy to see why – the long hours, “always on” work challenges and the constant changing environments. In this training, participants will learn the causes of burnout, how it physically affects the brain, and how to recognize (and react) to the symptoms.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias Training: an innovative approach to inclusion is designed to provide participants with a hands-on experience of Nobel Prize-winning author Daniel Kahneman’s research on fast and slow thinking when dealing with complex social issues at work. Our innovative approach empowers people to act and lead in uncomfortable situations with expanded confidence and empathy.

Participants will leave this learning session with practical approaches to identify hidden biases, notice the impact of unconscious bias on others and expand their capability to disrupt behaviors and actions that exclude vs. include others.

Microaggression Training

Microaggression Training: removing subtle acts of exclusion at work illuminates the blind spots and understated actions that individuals, often unknowingly, take that can leave others with an experience of feeling excluded or “not heard.” Left unchecked, microaggressions negatively impact an organization’s culture, disrupts individual/team performance, and ultimately obstruct leaders’ capacity to achieve promised business results.

Participants will leave this learning session with new practical approaches to identifying and disrupting Subtle Acts of Exclusion in real-time.


Allyship: being an Advocate for All moves participants from thinking about one to acting for all. Our Allyship learning session prepares people in your organization to intervene in situations where they spot non-inclusive behavior, such as hearing a colleague unconsciously stating a bias in a meeting or observing someone being constantly interrupted. This training equips you to act confidentially and Ally with confidence, not only for colleagues from underrepresented groups but for your entire organization.

Build Productive Work Habits

Changing a work habit can be challenging. It takes self-exploration, practice, and motivation to stay on track. This workshop dives into an easy-to-adopt process of habit formation through a work-focused lens. Participants will revitalize their work routines by exploring the behaviors they want to change and the triggers behind making and breaking habits. Through interactive and self-reflection-driven training, participants will learn how to easily create and stick to healthy work habits by using scientifically proven steps of behavior change and habit formation.

Time Management: Avoid Distractions

So, you’ve learned to plan your day by optimizing your schedule. You’ve blocked your calendar to accurately reflect the time you actually need to complete tasks. You’ve matched the different types of work you do with your energy peaks and valleys. Yet it is still a challenge to manage your time because the realities of the modern workplace will conspire to distract you. This course will help you maintain focus and stay on track. You will learn practical tools that can help you to better align your daily activities to accomplish your goals.

Time Management: Strategize Your Day

Learn to prioritize projects among the changing and competing demands on your time. You will also gain an understanding of how your current workplace requires you to constantly retool to work strategically instead of working harder. This course will help you to focus on key practices for managing your time effectively. You will learn practical tools that can help you to better plan and execute all that you must accomplish on any given day.

Communication Styles

Focus on your communication skills training and improve your communication at work.
This is a practice-oriented workshop designed to help learners navigate the 4 most common communication styles in the workplace. It teaches learners to find value, build rapport, and create communication harmony with those they might find difficult to understand.

Elements of Transformative Listening

Develop your active listening skills and improve communication at work.
Learn to be a better listener with a clear, actionable process to really hear what others have to say and give others the experience of feeling heard. You will gain an understanding of the current state of your listening skills and clarity on where to improve. The class is very interactive with lots of practice opportunities and designed to help you immediately improve.

Leveraging Empathy in Internal Relationships

Every person in an organization initiates difficult conversations from time to time, whether about policies, performance, expectations, or boundaries. Preserving good relationships in the midst of those conversations can be difficult without specific tools to help you navigate the complexities. This course equips you with those tools and enables you to keep positive, helpful relationship with your colleagues, even when a difficult circumstance arises.